Simultaneity-Time Simultaneity-Time

Simultaneity-Time Simultaneity-Time

by T L Hurst

Velocity Effect continued...

We referred to this as the "velocity effect", which we shall denote with the symbol o:

o = (s2 - s1) = v(t2 - t1) (where s1 and s2 are measured in light seconds, and v is measured in light seconds per second). Or:

o = (s2 - s1)/c = v(t2 - t1)/c (where s1, s2 and v are in SI units).

A New Concept

The problem illustrated in the thought experiment is that, under this scenario, two or more observers can receive different time signals from a distant transmitter, even though they are adjacent at that moment. Furthermore, when the experiment is re-run and the observers swap places, they still receive the time signals related to their own relationship to the transmitter. If you regard space as a physical entity, and light as photons or waves travelling through that space, then this "velocity effect" is impossible. It simply could not happen. Furthermore, unlike the Lorentz transformation, the relationship is linear, This suggests that we need a different conceptual explanation of the phenomenon. The scenario I wish to propose focuses on two classes of entities:


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